July 22, 2022

Via Zoom and in the ADDAverse

What Is the ADHD Global Gathering?

The ADHD Global Gathering is the largest world wide ADHD event of the year. Created by adults with ADHD, it takes place through a new and innovative virtual learning format that’s intentionally designed for adults with ADHD.

It’s Only the Best Global Event of the Year…

What makes this gathering amazing is that it’s the first ADHD event made available in real time across three world time zones. Learn from peers, professionals, and ADHD experts conveniently from wherever you’re located around the world. Constructed with you in mind, the Global Gathering is designed to be dynamic, spark insight, create global connections, and encourage personal growth. 

It Wouldn’t Be a Global Gathering Without a Place to Gather.

Meet up, network, play a game, or grab a drink in the NEW “ADDA-verse”!

Before, during, and after the event sessions (Spark Sessions) you’ll be able to virtually meet, gather, and hangout with other attendees in the ADDA-verse! Created especially for the ADHD Global Gathering (through platform) we made connecting with other ADHD adults engaging, fun, and easy for everyone. Simply create your avatar, power up your webcam, and connect to the world's only virtual ADHD community. 

Learn from the Experts

The ADHD Global Gathering features world class experts on ADHD alongside everyday ADHDers. We create an intimate experience for attendees that sparks insight and offers activation support in one package.

Learn from your Peers

We get it. You feel alone with your ADHD. Your non-ADHD friends and family try to help, but they have no idea what it's like to live with ADHD. Nothing helps like sharing your story with your peers and knowing you're not alone.

Gather in the ADDAverse

Navigate your avatar around our virtual space while you interact with other attendees, speakers and ADHD leaders. In this space you’ll also find more ADHD resources, live support groups you can join, and other interactive activities.

# Overview

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When you are an adult with ADHD, the best part of gathering is the sense of community and camaraderie - the spontaneous conversations that spark in-between, (and sometimes during) in the hallways… and the bar

In fact, this is what ADDA has become known for-the sense of community dedicated to the adults in the room. Enter the ADHD Global Gathering.

Want to know more about the ADHD Global Gathering? Watch this video. 

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Global Spark Sessions

A 24 Hour Live Global Gathering Event Across Three Different Time Zones


Time ADHD@Work

Whether you are working for someone else or yourself, in an office, building site or home, you are at work with ADHD. Regardless of where, it all boils down to owning your productivity. To be productive at your work with ADHD we need to reset our relationship with new expectations of how we can make it happen. We need to understand how we work best with ADHD, particularly in regards social interaction, work processes, and collaboration.

In this SPARK we will focus first on resetting the work relationships with new expectations by understanding how we work with ADHD. Then we will look at how often our best-intentioned approaches to work can work against us. In other words, how to work with our ADHD symptoms rather than against them. Finally, we will apply the principles of organized visualization and adaptation to make our plans work in the real world. Join us in this SPARK! and get a new take on you at work.


Time ADDAverse

Having a diagnosis of ADHD is just one point along the journey of living your potential with ADHD. To shape your life journey to meet your potential, it is critical to understand what ADHD means to you, how it translates into your story, and how you choose to see it played out over your lifetime. By engaging in these concepts, you can secure your understanding of your ADHD experience while shaping it to best deliver your future.

Whether you have been diagnosed with ADHD recently or a while ago, take this opportunity to fully engage with who you want to be with ADHD. Take control of your narrative, decide how you want to share it with the world and most importantly how you will continue to grow to your potential. So, take a deep dive into who you are and want to be with ADHD in this intensive SPARK. Join our experts and your peers in this SPARK! as you are guided through defining your experience and choosing your future experiences.

SPARK!: You, Me & ADHD makes 3

Time ADDAverse

ADHD can change both of us. It impacts how we with ADHD interact with our world and the people in it. How this happens also can change how our partners, friends, colleagues and family interact with us. The secret is to understand that we may not be being who we want to be when we interact with others. If we can harness our choice in directing ourselves, we will be who we want to be and our people can have the opportunity to be who they want to be.

To achieve this with ADHD in the relationship we will first understand the differences in function and adapting between someone with ADHD and their partner without. From this new baseline of understanding, we will explore the seeing inside each other or how to communicate to share my experience of the world, join others in their experience and collaborate to create a future that works for both of us. Finally, we will create a new structure to support moving forwards, the pursuit of reliability. Reliability is the foundation of trust, and if we focus on creating consistency and reliability in how we move forwards, we can restore and preserve trust in our relationship.

Jump into this exciting intensive SPARK! session, bring a partner if you like, and create a new way of being together while being yourself.

Spark Session Leaders

Alan P. Brown
Cameron Gott
Madeline O’Reilly
Michelle Price
Jon Hassall
Tamara Rosier
Elaine Taylor-Klaus

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